Our little friends had such a great time celebrating a whole week of Seuss fun, leading up to a birthday party on Friday!

MONDAY ~ We introduced the children to Dr. Seuss! We watched an awesome science video and learned how to make Ooblek from “Bartholomew and the Ooblek”. The children had so much fun exploring this non-newtonian liquid (both a liquid and a solid) We learned lots of great new science words today!

TUESDAY~ The children brought in their favorite Dr. Seuss book!
We talked about the different characteristics that Dr. Seuss used in his illustrations and read a few of our favorites!

WEDNESDAY ~ Today, the children wore their favorite pair of silly or mismatched socks! We read Fox in Sox and made our own silly sock and fox to decorate our classroom.

THURSDAY ~ Green Eggs & Ham…what a fun day! We explored “fizzy eggs” and used more of our new science words!
We liked eating green eggs and ham! Do you?? We tried them on a chair, in the hall, on the bench, with Mr. Faroh, and all kinds of places!

FRIDAY ~ Today we dressed like Cat in the Hat and had an awesome birthday celebration for Dr. Seuss! Our afternoon class even celebrated with our kindergarten friends!

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