Hello Fourth Grade Parents

It feels like the end of school countdown has begun!  However, we still have plenty to learn in fourth grade.  We have our field trip to the Studebaker Museum on Tuesday, the 15th.  In addition, we will soon be sending out sheets for a field trip to Mounds State Park on Thursday, May 31st.

 Social Studies –   This is a big focus of ours at the moment and through the rest of May.  We are geared up for our Field Trip next Tuesday.  As of this week, I am not teaching “whole group” any more (ie. lecture).  Instead, they are broken down into groups around the topics remaining in our book and they will present for the class.  Ask them to show you the calendar of dates which lists when groups present AND the sheet with a scroll on which there are sample ideas for how to present to the class.  We will not be using much class time to prepare.  Instead, they can meet outside of school, during recess, after school (I am happy to stay and supervise) or just divide up the work and do it on their own.

The other big assignment is their dioramas which we are really excited about!!  They were able to choose ANY social studies topic we covered this year.  i can’t wait until the dioramas all come in – DUE MAY 25 –

and we line them up chronologically.  They will be such a visual picture for the students of all that we have learned!

If you have ANY questions about either assignment, send me an email, write me a note or catch me at school.  I am happy to answer any and all questions you might have.


Spelling –  We are almost through the Spelling curriculum!  Soon we will be doing just the Sitton book which will not require much if any homework.


  Science –    We are almost through the curriculum at this point!  We are covering a few additional Life Science topics.  Ask them about the Bat activity we did.


Many students find Science a difficult subject as it draws on an increasingly complex level of understanding.  This is no different than other subjects, but for some reason some students convince themselves that “they are not good at science”.  I work hard to make it feel interesting and manageable yet there is no short cut.  Students must work hard, study and make a great effort to master the information.  I am ALWAYS willing to work with students outside of class if they have already studied and still need extra assistance.  That’s what I am here for!


Teresa Woods

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