Hello Fifth Grade Parents


 Religion:  Another Unit Paper was due tomorrow (April 23).  Whenever a Unit is completed a short paper is assigned and they are given over a week’s notice.  They received a sheet from me which explains what I am looking for including length.  It is helpful if typed, but not required.  I consider this a very important assignment so if a student doesn’t turn it in time they receive an automatic homework notice which must be signed by you. In addition, they must attend Study Hall during lunch recess until I receive the paper.  Having said this, the vast majority of students turn their papers in on time.


Science – We will be delving in to Life Science as our final area of science for the year.  We will begin by focusing on the Parts of an Ecosystem.   You may see  Interactive Notebook items come home which will be started in class, but may need to be completed at home.

Last week in Religion:   We focused on  the Holocaust and on “The Righteous Among Nations” – those people whose faith gave them the strength to aid the Jewish People, at great risk to themselves.

     Also, I am focusing on study skills to prepare them for 6th grade.  I am finding that many students do not study enough for tests and quizzes, though I give plenty of notice.  They may be used to Open Book tests, but most of the time my tests are closed book and thus require a familiarity with what we studied and great recall.  For some students I am requiring vocabulary cards so that they develop the habit and i am also consistently mentioning pneumonic devices to aid recall. 

 As you can see, I really enjoy teaching your sons and daughters. If you ever have questions, I am an email away.


Teresa Woods

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