Looking forward to seeing many of you at conferences!

We will be taking our first spelling test for the second quarter on Monday.  There will be no spelling over Fall Break.

We are coming to the end of our study of ancient Greece.  Students will be reading some of the Greek myths on Epic! this week.  This is an interesting app we have found with E-books.  Your students do have a class code that make the books free under our class account.  They can use it on their devices at home  with that code.  There are some books that are AR books. I have assigned the Greek myths but I do believe they can go through and choose books of interest, as well.  For Language they will be writing their own myth and designing a “cube” with information they found from their reading.  When we return from break, they will do the next step of their research to find influences in our culture from the Greeks. We will then move on to Ancient Rome.

I will also be giving them their new goals for AR this week.  With Fall break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, this 9 weeks will go quickly!!  Please encourage them to spend a little time reading and get their points early!!!

For reading we are using Epic for mythology this week and next.  We are then going to do a STREAM project with the 4th and 5th grades on Frank Lloyd Wright.  We will then move on to a unit on Children of War:  a short study of Malala and “Zlata’s Diary” which will finish the 9 weeks.

It has been a good beginning quarter.  I appreciate all that you do for us.  Enjoy the break!

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Kissell

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