Friday, November 16 was the midterm of second quarter!! The next month is going to be VERY busy!! The Thanksgiving Feast in on Wednesday, classes will be going to the Wagon Wheel, practices have begun in earnest for the Christmas music and fine arts performance. A few reminders for the upcoming month:

AR:  The last day to take AR tests will be Friday morning, Dec. 21.  Please encourage your students to do their 20 minutes of reading each night.  With games and practices, performances and holidays, the students sometimes put this off until the last minute.  All classes have read at least one book in class that they can take tests on.  With access to their own Ipads, this is easier than ever!

Uniforms: We are at a point in the year where students are “forgetting” some of the finer points of the uniform policy.  Please remind them that their awesome athletic socks are not part of the uniform code.  They are also encouraged to leave a uniform sweater/sweatshirt to wear when they get chilly in the classroom.  (Make sure their name is in it) Unfortunately, Nike does not make a uniform sweater.  🙂  As we approach December, the kids are really growing quickly.  Please check your girls’ skirts for length.  Many of the skirts are getting shorter as their legs get longer!!  The uniform closet is bursting at the seams if you are ready for some trade-ins. 

Snow Gear:  Students will begin needing snow gear on Dec. 1, but if the weather calls for it, they may want to bring it earlier.  We will continue to go outside and they may want to be prepared.  Once it is time to bring their gear, they can leave it in their cubbies rather than toting it back and forth.

Tuesday will be the All School Mass before Thanksgiving.  It will be led by the sixth grade.  Students will be in uniform.  They may dress as Pilgrims or Native Americans on Wednesday for the Feast. 

Wishing all of you a very blessed Thanksgiving! If you will be on the road, safe travels!

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