Notes and reminders for the upcoming month:

Monday – Nov. 19 is Casual Day for Riley Children’s Hospital.

Tuesday – Nov. 20 is All School Mass.  We lead the mass.  Students wear uniforms.

Wednesday – Nov. 21 is the Feast.  Students may dress as Native Americans or Pilgrims.  Their last!  #little tear # sniff

Social Studies – we have begun our study of the Roman Empire.  We are primarily working in our notebooks taking notes.  Students need to keep up with these, as we will use them to study for the final test.

Language Arts and Writing:  We have been working on pronouns in our grammar books.  We are also doing some short writing pieces, a paragraph at a time, working on Ideas and Organization.

Spelling:  There will be a spelling test on Nov. 19, but no packet for Thanksgiving week.

Reading:  We have begun reading “Zlata’s Diary”.  We hope to finish before end of quarter.  We will also be reading some short passages, working on notation and main ideas. 

Technology:  We have been using the Ipads for various purposes.  I am asking students to type their spelling sentences and paragraphs.  We practiced making videos on Flipgrid, and I feel comfortable starting some book reviews.  I am using Readworks for reading skills and Skilsnav for practice to strengthen skills for NWEA and Ilearn.  As I find more uses that I feel enhances learning, we will use them more often.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!  Stay safe and don’t forget to read!


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