This should be a quiet week this week.  Students will be working on “Zlata’s Diary” .  They have questions to be collected, and we will be reading another 45 pages by the end of the week.
We will also be practicing some skill work with an article on ancient rome in class.
Our technology this week will be some practice on skills navigator for NWEA and recording a book review on flipgrid. 
We are studying ancient rome in social studies so we will finish notetaking on the punic wars and then take a look at ancient pompeii.  after learning about the destruction of pompeii, we will listen to Bastille’s version of “Pompeii” and students will write their own version.  I hope to be able to have them record them and maybe share some with you.
in language we will begin a study of adjectives and be writing new paragraphs focusing on organization.

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