This week begins the first week to start bringing Snow Gear!!  We will be going out as much as we can to alleviate all of that energy in the building.  The kids will need these, especially their Boots!

Tuesday most of the school will be at the Wagon Wheel.  We will have DARE, Gym, then I hope to do a special activity.  The students are welcome to bring slippers to wear so we can get “comfortable” while we work. We might even sip on a little hot chocolate!

Thursday is our day for “Elf” at the Wagon Wheel.  We will leave by 9:30 and return at approximately noon, so our lunch will be a bit later.  Students do not need to wear uniforms but should dress for “church.”

In reading we will continue with “Zlata’s Diary”.  We should read another 40 – 50 pages.  I am assigning a Diary for the students for the next 2 weeks.  They need to make a minimum of 10 entries.  It will be due Monday, Dec. 17.

We have also started reading an Article of the Week from Newsela.  We read, discuss, are starting to make notations as we read.  The students then answer 4 questions and write a paragraph on the main idea.

Just a reminder to keep them reading their 20 minutes a night.  The end of the quarter is coming quickly and some do not have tests taken.


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