One more week left in the semester!  one more week left before Christmas break!!  Lots of activity this week!
We will finish the spelling bee monday morning, beginning at 8 AM in the gathering space.  This one has been a real nail-biter!! 
Penance service for the students will be Monday morning, as well.
We have a Class mass on Wednesday with the 5th grade.Come join us in prayer!

Final AR tests must be taken by Friday morning!

We will be finishing our Zlata’s Diary books and questions early this week, so students will be able to take their AR tests on that book, as well.

I will collect the social studies notebooks on Thursday.  Remind your student (as will I) to have them caught up by then.

Our party will be on Friday afternoon.  We can begin a little earlier so the kids have time to get through all of the activities.  1 PM.

Thank you all for everything you do for the school and for these kids.  I am wishing you all a very blessed Christmas and safe travels over this holiday!


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