I am really excited for the students to participate in the “I Love to Read” challenge and hope that WSBT can come visit during the course of the contest.

Before the polar vortex so rudely interrupted, we had begun to read “The Watson’s Go to Birmingham – 1963”.  We will pick that back up.  In conjunction with the book, students will be reading passages on the commonlit website that discuss different topics with the same theme.  These are good to hone their reading skills, help with understanding the book themes, and give them practice with on-line testing.

We hope to finish ancient Rome and move on.  The test will be next week.

The spelling test will be Monday and the kids will receive a new packet. 

For writing, we will begin to look and write argumentative writing. With all the activities going on, this may not start until next week.

I also hope to start our engineering unit!!

Big goals!!! Lots to do!!

The students did finish all their NWEA testing before the big freeze, so I am hoping to have the scores ready to send home soon.

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