Colin Clemens

Hello, my name is Colin Clemens. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a member of the Sacred Heart School Family! I am an alumni to Sacred Heart and I assure you, this place has a very special spot in my heart and I am grateful to be a part in these kids lives.

I am the Technology Coordinator and Technology Instructor. In these roles I intend to focus the children’s learning on keyboarding, coding, Word & Pages instruction, Excel & Numbers instruction, and more. I am also responsible for all of the testing that goes on here; STAR, NWEA, & iLEARN tests.

Some new and exciting changes have come this year. We have officially switched to Meraki Manager which allows me to control and manage all of the iPads in the school! As of now, I am managing over 100 iPads, ensuring safer web searches and control over the apps each grade level can access. The addition of attachable keyboards has allowed the students to write papers from their device which automatically saves to their iPad. This eliminates the need for flash drives. The iPads are also capable of printing. Another exciting addition is Coding. Coding is a new adventure the students and teachers are embarking on this year. Through and Lightbot, we’re learning about the basics of coding, which will be a state mandated course by the year 2020! So, we’re excited to get a head start on this now!

I have a B.S. degree from Manchester University in Marketing and intend to pursue my teaching license over the course of the next year or two for K-12 Computer Science. This is my second year teaching here at Sacred Heart and my  fifth total (boys basketball coach for four years as well). Some other interesting experiences of mine were working in Communications at Biomet, interning for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Public Relations, and also interning for Paramount Film Company in Public Relations.

My wife is Amanda Clemens and she is in Accounting & Finance at Zimmer Biomet. We have two daughters, Chloe, who is in KPrep 4 this year at Sacred Heart, and Cora who is 1.5 years old. I have been on two CRHP Teams where I served as a Witnesser and Lay Director. I also was on the Parish Picnic Committee and Steering Committee and also was involved in RCIA as a sponsor. I am currently coaching the Freshmen Boys Basketball team for Warsaw High School. I enjoy playing fantasy football with classmates of mine from high school, watching sports, and spending time with my family.