I have been teaching here at Sacred Heart for 39 years. I have taught 6th, 4th, and 2nd but it’s 3rd grade that I have taught for 36 years. I enjoy teaching – I cannot imagine doing anything else. I graduated from Manchester College with both my B.S. and Masters Degrees. My husband Cal and I have been married for 41 years. We have 3 children-Tara – spouse Nate, Tim – spouse Jennifer,  and Tiffiani. We also have 2 granddaughters – Gabrielle (18)  and Isabelle (12) and a grandson- Little Cub (13).  I love spending time with my family – going on vacation to the Outer Banks, watching movies, going out to eat, or just being together. In my free time I like to read. I am looking forward to another great year here at Sacred Heart.

I began teaching at Sacred Heart School in 1977. I began my teaching career with the 6th grade class. I had 31 students. At that time each teacher taught all the subjects including Music and P.E. Lunch was in the classroom. We had tile floors and vinyl curtains. The playground at that time was all blacktop which is now the where the present church and the classrooms for grades 4, 5, and 6 are located. We went to Mass daily. We had three sisters: Sister Denis, Sister Colleen, and Sister Vernonia. Father Horavath was the priest. Our school library was where our teacher’s lounge is currently located. We didn’t have a lounge back then. The principal and secretary shared a room which is now the school counselor’s room. Our school has gone through many changes since I began teaching here. After 6th grade I taught 4th grade in the morning for one year. The next year I moved to 2nd grade for one year. The following year we had two 3rd grades so I moved to 3rd grade and have been here ever since. Now 38 years later I am teaching 2nd generation students. Of the students this year in my class, four  parents are former students.  Sacred Heart is the only school I have ever taught in. I look forward to many more years here at Sacred Heart.