Dear Parents,
          Hello to all of you. My name is Lee McGuire and I’m either your child’s teacher now or will hopefully be their teacher in the future.
          I would like to share some of my academic and classroom experience with you.
          Academic :  Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University at South Bend. My teaching license encompasses grades 1-8 with 7th and 8th being non-departmentalized. I have also completed five courses in Early Childhood education from IVY Tech as well as several graduate level courses from I.P.F.W. Over the course of several years, I have attended many conferences and workshops related to the field of education and the Catholic faith. Professional development is expected of teachers every year.
           Classroom Experience : The following job assignments are not all in chronological order.Three years of full time substitute teaching-mostly in grades K-6 and special needs classrooms. Three and one-half years of teaching pre-school for the Head Start program, one year 5th grade public school in the Atlanta area,and four and one-half years teaching 3rd grade in a Catholic school in Atlanta. The end of this current school year brings 12 and one –half years at Sacred Heart school. There was a 6 and one-half year gap in my assignment at Sacred Heart school when I was at home with our son and daughter.
            My Christian Catholic faith is encompassed in all that I do, and provides a guide for me as I teach academic subjects and demonstrate traits such as kindness, tolerance, self-control, and patience.
             I am proud to be a part of this wonderful school and staff.
Lee A. McGuire