What's Digital Media's Purpose?

Video Production

Our 6th Graders will act as a real-life News Network. They will have on-camera interviews, recorded by their iPads. Interviews will involve various individuals throughout our community and/or within our own school. Through three main teams, Communications, Journalism, & Research, our 6th Graders will work together to complete Digital Media Projects throughout the school year.


Our Communications Team is responsible for the overall production and distribution of content. They will work directly with the Journalism Team on various tasks such as; script writing for on-camera interviews, proofing articles for errors, & overall direction of the story being told. The Communication Team also determines which avenues the content will be distributed to (Facebook, Twitter, Website, YouTube, etc)


The Journalism Team are the heartbeat of our story. They work directly with the Research Team on making their story factual and credible while also using on/off camera interviews as a valuable tool. They are present for in-school activities and also extra-curricular to report on trending news. The Journalism Team will also work with the Communications Team to finalize projects both written and recorded.


The Research Team is an extremely valuable part of the team. They work directly with the Journalism Team to figure out what story is being told. The Research Team will then seek out relevant information to help support the Journalist's story with factual & credible source material. Members from the Research Team will also attend in-school and extra-curricular activities to gather any information that is pertinent to the story.

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