Why Coding?

You may not know this, but by the year 2020, Coding will be a state mandated course for students K-12 in the state of Indiana. That's right; Math, Language, Science, Social Studies, and now Coding will be be a part of daily student learning. But why coding? Why is it so important for our children to learn this skill? The answer is quite simple. The world is changing. Ever-evolving technology has created a world where we use digital alarm clocks, mobile devices, machines that make clothes and goods, these factors have led to more and more demand for those particular roles in our economy. Code.org (an organization that helped SHS staff learn about coding this summer) has announced that computer-oriented jobs are needed FOUR TIMES more than any other profession in the United States. In fact, their numbers go as far as stating that America has 530,472 computing occupations available right now including job titles like Software Applications Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, and Computer Systems Engineer. We here at Sacred Heart intend to get a head start on this so by 2020, our kids are engaged and ready to tackle this new endeavor.

Coding at SHS

We will provide opportunities for all classes K-6 to learn about coding and gain hands on experience throughout the 2018-2019 school year. Below are some examples of coding exercises going on now!


Lightbot is an app on the iPad that focuses on the basics of coding operations. This will be a primary program used in our Tech Time technology club and during each grade's Media Center classes throughout each week.


Code.org has provided SHS with the keys to coding success. We are following a course guideline for grades K-6, allowing for gradual progression in coding throughout your child's education journey. Each teacher has been given a guidebook featuring coding activities on and off of electronic devices, allowing our students to engage coding in real life scenarios and understand the functionality behind the scenes.