This year grades K-6 will be exploring the wonderful word of coding! This past summer, the teachers and I went to a fun two day course on coding, put on by Most of you may not be aware but coding will be a state mandated course. That's right, move over Math, English, & Science there's another mandated course moving in! By the year 2020, the State of Indiana will make coding a requirement for grades K-12. So, we decided to get the ball rolling early. Click here to learn more about coding and what we're doing to engage the students. 

For the first time, Sacred Heart will have a Google Classroom for each grade level, K-6! If you're not familiar with Google Classroom, this is a feature from Google that acts as a central hub for anything a teacher could want for their classroom. Here, the teacher can create accounts for their students. This will allow the teacher to post assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, or even just pass along notes or important messages to the class. Google Classroom can also be a great way for parents to keep up with their students progress in the class as Google Classroom can be accessed anywhere at anytime so long as you have a smart phone, tablet, or CPU. Click here to check out your grade's Google Classroom!

iSTEP tests have been replaced by a more intuitive program called, iLEARN. This program will function similarly to NWEA. And for the very first time, we will be testing entirely on iPads! This summer we purchased attachable keyboards that sync perfectly with the student iPads, allowing for seamless touchscreen testing, most suitable for testing.

The kiddos have already gone through fall testing using their iPads! Coming soon to their new iPads will be the MAP Skills Navigator allowing the students to work on their weaknesses in order to better prepare for the winter and spring testing sessions.

Another first time addition this year will be our inclusion of eLearning days. These days will be counted as make up days for school cancellations and will allow the students to receive a brief educational experience of a range of subjects. The two selected eLearning days will take place on a Saturday where students will have the opportunity to come to the media center and use the equipment to complete assignments. Students may also work from home or come in the following Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday after the official eLearning Saturday.