The Indiana Choice Scholarship (Voucher) program continues to have great impact on SHS families & families across the state who have chosen to take advantage of the program and choose a non-public school that fits their family’s needs.  The window to apply for a voucher for the second semester is now open! If we apply by mid-December and are accepted, new families could be able to attend SHS starting the second semester at an incredibly low tuition rate.  Generally-speaking all they have to do to be eligible is to meet some pretty generous income thresholds & have attended public school for the first semester this year & the second semester last year.  

If you are already at SHS & take advantage of the scholarship program, there is nothing you need to do.  But if you know someone who may be interested in seeing what SHS is all about, please get them in contact with the school to set up a tour and share with them this awesome scholarship opportunity!

Click here to view the Indiana Choice Scholarship Graphic!