Casual dress is allowed on various days. Starting in August, students will start wearing uniforms on Monday of the second week of school.  Usually, the first Monday of each month is Casual Day for a Cause. Students mear wear casual clothes (per the handbook) for a monetary donation of at least a dollar.  All money collected on these days will go to a designated charitable organization.  If a student chooses not to participate, he or she must be in their school uniform.

Casual attire must not contain any inappropriate sayings or suggestive language. Shorts must be at least finger tip in length. No tank tops will be allowed.  Please check the hand book if you have any questions. School personnel reserve the right to question a student’s attire on casual day and ask them to call home for a change of clothes if necessary. If no one is available, clothes from the uniform surplus will be substituted for inappropriate attire. Winter boots, flip flops, crocs, or shoes without backs are inappropriate at any time. Socks should also be worn at all times. Casual days will be announced on the school calendar on a monthly basis.