Scrip is a fundraiser that raises money for our school at no extra cost to you. Scrip stands for Substitute Currency Reaps In Profits. We purchase gift cards at a discount from the Great Lakes Scrip Company and local retailers, then sell them to you at face value. Sacred Heart earns money each time you purchase gift cards from us. There are hundreds of retailers that participate in the scrip program.


If your family already utilizes this program, THANK YOU for your support! If you are new or haven’t purchased scrip yet, we hope you give it a try this year.


Cash & Carry scrip is available for immediate purchase. Attached is a Cash & Carry order form with our current inventory. Next to the retailer name it shows the discount they give. For example, Papa John’s gives 20%, so we purchase$10 gift certificates from them for $8 each. Then each time you purchase a Papa John’s $10 gift certificate from us for $10 (no extra cost to you), we make $2.


Cash & Carry scrip includes only a few of the many retailers that participate in the program. There are many more cards and certificates we can order for you. You can visit and see the many retailers that participate.

*Please see ordering instructions on the Cash & Carry form* Please Click Here for the Cash & Carry - 6_2020 Form.


The SCRIP office is currently open before and after mass on Friday morning and after weekend masses two weekends a month.

You can also order through backpack mail or online.

We accept cash and check, or you can use PrestoPay online.


New Kroger Community Rewards Program:Click here for more information


Each family who participates will receive a rebate of 25% of the profits they earn for Sacred Heart. Rebates will be distributed twice a year, in November and May.


You can choose how you would like your rebate:

-A scrip gift certificate to use toward more scrip of your choice

-Rebate added to your child’s lunch account

-Donate rebate back to HASA

-Field trip fund (4th-6th gr)



Please contact us with questions at