Reading is a crucial element of everyone’s life. Whether or not a person reads well can affect his or her future tremendously.

The Accelerated Reader program is based on the fundamental principal that practice improves reading. The Accelerated Reader (AR) program allows students to engage in large amounts of reading practice with books that students select themselves that are written at a level that is appropriate for them. Using computer technology, the AR program makes it possible for teachers to motivate, monitor, and guide a student’s reading progress so that the student’s reading ability continually improves.

The AR system involves three simple steps: (1) a student selects and reads a book; (2) the student takes an AR Reading Practice quiz: and (3) the computer adds the quiz results to its database and allows generation of a report for the student and teacher. The student earns points based on the number of questions correctly answered.

Accelerated Reader Titles at Sacred Heart

The library has Accelerated Reader Enterprise Program. This program allows us to have access to every AR test that Renaissance makes. That is over 150,000 tests (Level .5-8).

We encourage students to read books from home or the public library to find additional books that we may not have here at this school. Due to the large amount of tests now available, we cannot keep an AR test list on the website or at the public library as we have done in the past. You can, however, go online to check and see if a book has a test available.

Click here for available test.  Click on student or parent.  Then put in the title of the book. You can also search by author’s name.

Accelerated Reader Points Goals

Sacred Heart has implemented a reading system that works with the Accelerated Reader software. This will allow us to accurately monitor student progress through the year. This program is called the Star Reading program. Since this software accurately measures student development, the point system has changed from past years and each individual student has their own point goals.

By each mid-term, students should have at least one half of their required points for the grading period. Teachers will be monitoring points throughout the grading period and guiding students in their selections of books. Students will not be allowed to wait until the last week of the grading period to earn their AR points. No AR points will be carried over to the next grading period.

There are different incentives each grading period for students who reach their AR goal & for those who go beyond their goals.

If you have specific questions regarding your child’s AR point requirements or progress, please contact his/her teacher for an appointment.