Hello, my name is Colin Clemens. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a member of the Sacred Heart School Family! I am an alumni to Sacred Heart and I assure you, this place has a very special spot in my heart and I am grateful to play a part in the kids’ lives.

I am the Technology Director for the school and also Lead Instructor. I also serve as the Physical Education Instructor as well.

I have a B.S. degree from Manchester University in Marketing and am currently pursuing my teaching license over the course of the next year or two for K-12 Computer Education & Physical Education. This is my 5th year teaching here at Sacred Heart and I also coached the boys basketball team for four years. Some other interesting experiences of mine were working in Communications at Biomet, interning for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Public Relations, and also interning for Paramount Film Company in Public Relations.

My wife is Amanda Clemens and she is in Accounting & Finance at Paragon Medical. We have three daughters, Chloe, who is in 2nd Grade this year at Sacred Heart, Cora who is in Pre-K 4 this year, and Callie who is under 1 year old. I have been on two CRHP Teams where I served as a Witnesser and Lay Director. I also was on the Parish Picnic Committee and Steering Committee and also was involved in RCIA as a sponsor.

I enjoy fantasy football with classmates of mine from high school, watching sports, watching movies/TV shows, and spending time with my family.